• Helping to save our planet using nano technology

    Delivering substantially better eco tech solutions using the power of nano technology

We have developed a better way 
tap the power of the sun...

Huge amounts of energy lands on our planet earth every second of every day.  With present technology, humankind has only been about to harness a fraction of this energy.

Using nano technology, we have developed a reliable way to harness significantly more of that free energy, resulting in:

Much Higher Energy Yield

Less Wasted Energy

Happier Planet Earth

... and a better way to bottle it

But what do you do with all of that extra harvested energy?  

We are also helping to address what is becoming a burning issue for renewables... how do we dramatically improve energy storage to best support renewable energy generation?

We have developed a next generation energy storage solution.  By leveraging nano technology, we have created an amazing solution that:

Fraction of the 
Size and Weight

Does Not Generate Heat

Perfectly Safe
 (won't combust)